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Urban Hussle is a printing and branding company in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, offering services in Flyer printing,banners, posters, fabric, and  other printing services.

Our Mission is to remain small enough so that each client can be managed effectively yet big enough to deliver quality printed and also branded products on time and at the right price. Urban Hussle currently has 6 team members.

Our vision for the future is to remain true to our company’s heritage, which is a family printing business at the forefront of technology. What we believe in is ‘Experience’ -in every aspect of the printing industry Experience is key to our success.

We are proud to say we have 2 years of printing experience in the industry. Our experienced staff can provide the right advice and support. We invest in printing technology and also finishing equipment to carry out a wide range of print services. Our Company commits on in house regular staff training to be able to give our clients exactly what they want at the best quality and on time. We also offer FREE DELIVERY in Durban CBD.

Our goal is to make your business look good through the high-quality printing we offer for your company. With many options and finishes to choose from, we are certainly able to customize a solution for you that meets your needs and accurately reflects your brand image. So we have what it takes to fulfill all your requirements.

Urban Hussle is deeply inspired by our African roots. We support and promote local content. 

Our preference is to give the historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs across Africa a shelf and brand promotion for the purpose of feasible local and international shopping experience.

To us designing means creating something out of nothing — taking an idea and transforming it into a stunning vision. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you’re missing that little something that’s crucial for the fantasy to come together. For us, that piece is you. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Nhlakanipho Ngcobo

Founder & Production Manager

Nhlakanipho Ngcobo, born 16 July 1990, is the founder of URBAN HUSSLE, which is the umbrella for his clothing brand amongst other labels, namely STREET GENERAL. He hails from iXopo -  a small KwaZulu Natal town situated south of Pietermaritzburg, known for it's history that extends to sugar-farming and forestry l, to name but a few. This is the very place that fed his love for entrepreneurship, community engagement and youth development. 
He has always had a vision of becoming a black industrialist that seeks to not only grow a name for himself but that of the youth around him and the community at large. Societal pressure and influence is a great driver of his passion to see local brands flourishing as he greatly believes in uplifting our own as opposed to supporting brands that do not benefit those that are it's very consumers. 
URBAN HUSSLE has grown immensely since its inception. It now houses over 5 local brands, with all of them being brain-childs of the black youth of KwaZulu Natal, including STREET GENERAL which is a direct stem of his. 
Nhlakanipho has had his fair share of academic experiences and achievements after completing his secondary education in Mariathal Combined School, including studying Chemistry at UNISA before moving on to Supply Chain and Logistics before having settled in the South African National Defence Force, where he is currently employed. This in it's own shows his resilient character that embodies strength, hard work, dedication and passion for his community. 
As his motto goes " The table is long enough for all of us to eat from" so shall the fruits of URBAN HUSSLE be. We are honoured to have a man of such stature as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of URBAN HUSSLE.

Bongeka Mbhele picture

Bongeka Mbhele

Administration & Content creator

Bongeka Amanda Thembelihle Mbhele, born 25 November 1994 and bred in Durban, is a UKZN graduate (BSocSc Geography and Environmental Management as well as Psychology). She is also the founder and director of 2 companies, namely Ubukhosi Creations which specializes in events planning and coordination and Bee’s Bouquet where she’s a perfume specialist dealing mainly with Arabic scents and oils. She completed her secondary education at St Dominic’s Academy Newcastle, after having attended St Augustines Primary School in Durban. She is a bubbly, young, black, ambitious and driven lady who seeks to cement herself in spaces that are seen to be off limits for women. Her positive attitude and go-getter mentality has seen her dribbling a 9-5 job within a well established insurance company after having her fair share of being a high school educator at three rural schools in Pietermaritzburg. Her love for entrepreneurship was cultivated from a very young age and mostly nourished and grown in university where she was seen joining multiple network marketing businessses and becoming associated in various platforms as a salesperson before moving onto making custom canvasses. Her rich history of being affiliated in a number of companies and creativeness saw her establishing her own companies. Her business ethics and values are the very core of the fruits of her hardwork and dedication. She firmly believes in structure and organisation being a direct force behind success but highly encourages dynamic creativeness to come to play to yield greater results in any activity. Multiple streams of income has been her foundation business goal as she is also in the Crypto-space. Diversity in business is what she seeks to achieve so as to create multiple avenues of income above creating employment and empowerment for the black in different sectors. Today, she sits as director in two companies and as our Chief Operations Officer.

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Luvo Memeza

Website & Content Manager

I studied web designing and systems development in college, I've always been intrigued by how people make money using fancy software that was exclusive. I started out with cover arts, business cards and flyers. I noticed that creating websites from scratch was time consuming. I had tons of small projects to complete before coding a website. I opted for website builders to try and squeeze in everything including my 9 to 5 job. To me they are a fast and efficient! Using a website builder is usually my preferred approach. The paid versions of almost every website builder include expert customer support, armed with specific knowledge of the very technology my business runs on. The underlying code and design templates are built for the exact purpose I use them for, and tech support is very familiar with them. Support can often resolve issues instantly. For an online business, that’s priceless. 

As a person that has his own brand I don't really sit around and design a lot, unfortunately. I don't have that luxury, so it's doing around doing 1,001 things all at once; it's multitasking and I'm constantly on the move. Running around like crazy is the main focus.  I stagger my time between Urban Hussle, my 9 to 5, and my brand. It doesn't matter if I'm at my job or if I'm in my room, I try to work on everything at the same time.

I'm usually one of those people that don't t freak out often. I just try to stay focused on the task at hand and stay true to the DNA of Urban Hussle then also to the DNA of Female×energy , which is a different responsibility. I honestly think you have to go with your gut and can't be reactionary; when you have two demanding tasks at hand. I never work under pressure, this is not the way I operate. Everything with me is planned right through to the very end. Unlike my 9 to 5 job I work whenever I feel like working. It's more about, how do I feel at a certain time. I can be exhausted but still find myself working on a project or browsing the cyber world looking for creatives. I always check with my team, and it's their input as well. I trust their instincts because they know me very well so it's more a conversation with my team and not worrying about what everyone else is going to think... until after. 

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Musa Ndawonde

Graphic designer

 Musa Ndawonde born (09-02-1986)  is  an upcoming  multi  discipline  artist  based  in Durban.   He holds  a  Diploma  in Fine Arts which he  completed  in 2011.   His  majors  were  Sculpture, Drawing and  Printmaking.    He  now  works  in various  projects  around  Durban which includes  large  scale mosaics,  logo  design/apparel  branding.  Drawing  is  also  one  of  his  major  talents  which  he  enjoys all  the  time.  Working  with  the  acclaimed  mosaic  artist  Jane  Durand,  Musa  has  matured  in the craft  and  skill  of  mosaic.    He  has  recently  worked  on a  big  mosaic  project  at  the  Dr  Pixeley  ka seme hospital  in  kwaMashu.  We are now proud to have him here at Urban Hussle as one of our senior graphic designers. 

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Njabulo Gumede


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