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Become your very own Boss! Make a statement buy having more than just a social presence. Compete with other websites for traffic by consistently adding good content. 


Do you really need a website?

... YES... a thousand times over.

As much as we love trees and grass and feeling the wind in our faces…

we have to admit that we live in a digital world. The key thing about a website is that it allows you to retain clients over the long-term — which is fantastic for creating a steady stream of predictable revenue for your business.

There are so many options out there and a ton of DIY websites, logos, colour palettes... you name it.

But do you have the time and the patience to do it?

​There is a science behind everything - websites, logos, colours, social media, advertising...

Don't spend your valuable time trying to figure it all out and go through trial and error.

Rather focus on your business and let us do it.


Blog : 1 up to 5pages R1500.00 (deposit R250)

Standard Website 1 up to 10+pages(includes media page) R2800.00 (deposit R500)

Ecommerce site R3950.00(deposit R1000)

If you wish to have your website managed, we will charge you a monthly fee of R750.00(excluding hosting).Management will include website content management, and product pricing.  Hosting on its own will cost you somewhere around  R160 per month. 

Do what makes you happy... leave the rest to us.

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